Sabine J. Wiedenhofer 1974

Color & light – a Lo v e A f f a i r“

The interaction with the viewer

Sabine Wiedenhofer, with Italo-Hungarian roots, born in Vienna, combines several facets of the contemporary concept of art: she works with photography, painting, sculpture, glass and metal and combines different materials to create increasingly complex works.

Wiedenhofer combines different visual languages to emphasize her artistic expression. Sabine Wiedenhofer's work results from a combination of diverse visual elements and materials. The artist's main focus is on the themes of light, colour on glass technology and glass effects, with which she has caused a sensation internationally at the Glasstress Biennale di Venezia, Art Miami, Art Wynwood, Art Contemporary Palm Beach and nationally at Art Austria, Vienna Contemporary and Art Salzburg.

Cubes, squares are generally main themes in Wiedenhofer's work, the basis of the cube is the square. Like the square, the cube is a symbol of wholeness, on the one hand a symbol of the power of fate, of the fixed and irrevocable, of eternity, but also of the principle of chance, of fickleness. The falling of dice has always been an occasion to try one's own luck, to challenge or question fate. The different squares and rectangles are meant to stimulate the lateral thinking of the individual, which swims against the current, but the stringing together also symbolizes the facets of life, ups and downs and in the end one comes to the conclusion. Nothing is as it is - or as it seems to be

The artist does not use any highly technical equipment whatsoever; the complexity of her works stems from the careful planning phase, which despite its apparent simplicity is immensely elaborate. Wiedenhofer is an artist who constantly seeks interaction with the viewer. The variety and range of her works and their implementation is impressive. Wiedenhofer is no longer an insider tip, the auction houses Kinsky (Vienna) and Hampel (Munich) regularly have her works in their portfolios.

Dr. Cem Angeli


Fotocredit: Atelier Wiedenhofer - Julie Brass

born in: 
lives and works in: 
Vienna, Murano, New York City
epic purple, 2018
epic purple, 2018
Miami, 2019, 120 x 90 cm
Sabine Johanna Wiedenhofer
dispatched, 160 x 106 cm