Frenzi Rigling

Frenzi Rigling studied at the School for Design in Zurich. In her works she deals with textiles, which she subjects to an exciting process of change. Last year her own story was added when she received many scraps of fabric as a gift from her mother. Fabric remnants from dresses that she has sewn to her and herself since the 1970s. These scraps of fabric tell stories about women in general. From the outset, textiles are always associated with femininity, with a female way of living and working. She also deals with literature and her characters. For her, literature is also a kind of fabric, full of narrative elements and stories. It seems as if she leaves messages on the walls, if you get closer, but the text breaks down into unreadable ciphers. The colorful fragments are not letters, but their spaces in between. In Austria her works are represented in all important public collections.


Photocredit: Alois Moosbacher


born in: 
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
lives and works in: 
Frenzi Rigling, Lucile 3
Frenzi Rigling, Lucile 3, Pastell on canvas, 75 x 95 cm
Frenzi Rigling, Bara 3
Frenzi Rigling, Bara 3, Lacqueur on canvas, 100 x 150 cm
Frenzi Rigling, Mirror 2, Textile, 30 x 30 cm
Frenzi Rigling, Mirror 2
Frenzi Rigling, Vertige 3
Frenzi Rigling, Vertige 3, Lacqueur on textile, 50 x 40 cm